• Class Survey

    1. I prefer to be called Ella. My pronouns are she/her
    2. Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania
    3. I want to teach 1st-3rd grade, any subjects
    4. I am on the Track team at John Carroll. I want to get more involved this first semester. I am doing Community Service every Thursday to help the youth in our community with exercise.
    5. In the book Where the Crawdads sing it teaches the lesson about adversity and when the odds are against you. You learn to preserve and believe in yourself. It also teaches you that there are both good and bad people in the world and you have to learn to recognize both and to guid your life towards good and kind people.
    6. I feel it would be helpful to work in groups and hear of everyone’s ideas and it may help me come up with something. It is good to share ideas and build upon them.
    7. In grade school as a 6th grader I was asked to mentor an autistic 4th grader in my class named Cole I was there to help assist him with his work and teach him different things that were taught in the classroom.
    8. As of now no

  • Web Post 1: Intro

    Hi my name is Ella .

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